How often should I wash my car. Depending on
mileage, I recommend at least monthly. Why not
get the inside cleaned as well while your at it
Why wash regularly. It's not just so your car
looks pretty! Daily travel see's your car exposed to
"road acids" and grime. This as well as direct
exposure to air and water creates a process called
oxidation. Oxidation dulls paintwork over time,
Having your car washed fortnightly with a Wash
and Wax treatment will add a protective film to
your paintwork that prevents it from becoming
directly exposed to grime, air and water, thus
protecting your paintwork from the damage caused
by oxidation.
Why use paint protection. Paint protection in the
form of silicone or wax based products provides an
extra layer of protection to the paintwork. This
means your paintwork will last longer and remain in
premium condition.
Do I need to have a "Cut and Polish". Only if the
top layer of paintwork is scratched or lightly pitted.
If not, just application of paint protection products
will suffice. If the paintwork is damaged, a 3 stage
process of Paint Correction, surface preparation,
followed by a wax polish is recommended.
Do you have Gift Cards. Yes. Gift cards are
available on application, normally based on our
Mini Detail. Ideal for that friend or family member
driving that car you would be ashamed to be seen